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2019 Apple iPhone 11R to come with beastly upgrade
In September this year, Apple will be launching three new iPhone devices that are currently being dubbed the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. Features of these new handsets are leaking a dime to dozen and the latest bits of information will definitely please those who are interested in purchasing the most colorful of upcoming iOS devices.

The 2019 Apple iPhone 11R was not as expected with any substantial features but this latest bit of information changes things quite a bit. The new iPhone 11R will be like 3110mAh with upgraded battery which is rumored to feature. This is a significant upgrade from the 2018 model which had a 2942mAh battery.

As for a report by PhoneArena, “The iPhone XR 2 battery pack orders are reportedly granted to China's ATL (Amperex) which are the same guys who got the order for non-exploding Galaxy Note 7 packs after the infamous Samsung SDI batteries started catching on fire. The new battery capacity is said to be 3110 mAh, which would make the iPhone XR's successor with the largest single-cell battery pack in an iPhone ever. "

As of now, there is no word on how to make an iPhone. With that being said, only time will tell how this 5 per cent increase in battery performance will actually do.

The new Apple A3 processor is built on 7nm design, you should be able to get more battery life than the previous generation device.

The report ends by stating, "iPhone XR (Coupled with the new pack and the frugal display resolution, the iPhone XR (2019) It is more than 11 hours of screen time in our testing network, ahead of any iPhone we have tested so far. The XR 2 may very well break the 12-hour mark which would place it in a special endurance club of its own, and not only among phones in the iOS camp. "

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