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How to choose bedsheet |
You're between the sheets for a third of your day, so why not make your bed with ones you can't wait to crawl into? You'll want to make sure you're investing in linens that feel great and will last. Here's what you need to know as you sort through the labels and claims. 

1. Read the fiber content first: 100% cotton is always an excellent go-to because it's soft and affordable.
2. Thread count isn't everything: Manufacturing techniques can allow brands to make high thread counts without actually increasing quality. 
3. Know the difference between weaves: Your primary options are percale or sateen. Percale is a basic, grid-like weave that feels light and crisp. Sateen in a satin weave and feels silky smooth.
4. Don't assume it'll fit your mattress: Standard sizes, like queen or king, don't account for mattress depth. So if yours is tall or if you use a mattress topper, make sure to measure before you buy. 
5. Always check the return policy: Some brands, especially those that have internet-only sales, allow you to make returns for any reason, even up to a few months after the purchase.

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